Augmented Reality Edges Closer to Mainstream

No, displaying your social networking statistics over your head isn’t getting any closer to the mainstream, but the best AR (Augmented Reality) concept images I could find came from a great article from Gizmodo here (and they seem to be leaning towards a female market for some reason.)

Nonetheless, AR is definitely moving closer to the mainstream.  If you still don’t know what AR is, it involves overlaying data on real life.  Think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, identifying and scanning objects and displaying their attributes on top of them.

The possibilities are near-endless.  The main linked article talks about the first Augmented Reality Event held recently that delved into a lot of specifics about the future of the technology.  The problem is, at the moment, the technology requires bulky goggles, through which the information is displayed.  But this may be just the first step as researchers have already developed a contact lens that can display similar information.

BMW has recently added on their website a very interesting video that shows off a man wearing AR goggles that are telling him how to repair a car.  Yes, it seems everybody is jumping on the bandwagon.  But none are more excited that those in the gaming industry, for which AR holds the most promise of being implemented in the near future.  

I recently saw a video released by the geniuses at Georgia Tech that shows off the first AR shooter, called ARhrrrr - An augmented Reality Shooter.  It involves placing different colored Skittles on a gameboard that springs to life when viewed through an AR device (in this case a mobile camera-phone).  The different colors of the Skittles turn them into unique “bombs” that have varying effects on the zombies on the map.

So that’s all for now on AR, but it’s something to keep an eye on.  As I’ve said, I think this technology has the ability to change everything in our lives just by revolutionizing the way that we interact with data in real life.

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